Hello there, once again you are about to learn a twin towers  modeling in 3ds max with “Standard primitives” and a single modifier . so, lets get started.

Final Image:


The basic out line of this twin towers is given below.


Since it is a 88 stories building, I’m about to build it up to 40 levels at first. For this I’m using standard primitive types: box and cylinder.

Object type : Box parameters

Object type: Cylinder  parameters

Position them in the following way.


Here is the important thing, select a cylinder object from the scene,  press “shift” and click on that object to copy it. Do not move the copied object from the original place. Now add “lattice” modifier with the following  parameters.

Now, select  a box object from the scene and copy it as mention earlier. Add lattice modifier with following parameters.


Similarly repeat the same process to the rest of the objects in the scene. The scene should look like this.


So far we have completed half of the building. Now, we simply copy the left side of the building from the above scene and place it on top of it.


The copied building’s objects are separate, to turn it into single object we have to select one of the object and right click on it  and go to convert to>> convert to editable poly.


Go to Modify panel, click on “attach” button and select rest of the objects of the copied building. This is how we turn it into a single object.


Select part of it (around 20 segments) and resize it in the following way.


Similarly select rest of the part and resize it.

Now the scene should look like this.


Copy the resized building and delete half of it and place it on the top of the building.


Draw a line like this


Add “Lathe” modifier and set Degrees to 360 in parameters.


Lets add a pole at the tip of the building with cylinder object with following parameters.


Now, we have completed one tower.  Copy the entire tower and flip it and position it in the following way.


Now add a two level bridge at 40th floor.


Finally add floor with plane object and add omni  light between the buildings to get the final image like this.

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