In this tutorial, you are going to learn a simple abstract.

Take a new file with file size 2000×1000 pixels

Take a new layer, fill it with blue.

Go to filter>>render>>lighting effect, set the parameters as follows…


Take a new layer,

Take a brush, set the parameters as follows….

Enable air brush….

Now brush the screen like this with opacity 50%..

Go to filter>> pixelate >> mosaic..

Go to filter>>stylize>>find edges

In layer styles add following effects. In color overlay, change color to black and leave rest of the parameters as it is….

Creating circles

Take a new layer, fill it with black color and

Go to filter>>render>>lens flare , position the focus like this…

Go to filter>>stylize>> trace contour…. And cut it in the circle….

Now, invert  the image (Ctrl+I) and change the blending mode of the layer to “screen”. You get result like this…

Create one more circle in the same process as above….

Creating lines

Take a new layer and go to gradient tool and select the following gradient style…..

Draw something like this….

And edit it like this…..

Go to filter>>blur>>motion blur

 Go to filters >> pixelate >> mosaic

Go to filter>>stylize>>find edges

Invert it (Ctrl+i) and change blend mode of the layer to “screen

Cut the top and bottom of the outer circle…

That’s it, this is the final image…….


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