In this tutorial you will learn to create an abstract back ground on your own. I personally  believe, there are no set of rules to create an abstract. It is just the tricky combination of filters, blendings, color correction and a lot more. Most of the times, I do not have clear vision for doing it, I just go experimenting with the tools, out of which comes interesting results. It is one of those times, I created this abstract. I hope you find it useful.

Before going to start, lets define a brush, which we going to use later.

Defining a brush

Draw a radial gradient and keep the back ground transparent…..

Trim the canvas to fit radial gradient.

Now goto Edit>>Define brush  and give it a name. Tthat’s it you have defined a brush successfully.

Let’s start!

Select a new file and Set the canvas size to 2000×1000 pixels.

Set the back ground color to dark blue.

Select  a “new layer” and fill it with any color(color is not important).

Go to filters>>render>>3d transform,  select sphere tool, draw the sphere and rotate it……

Move that sphere to corner with pan camera tool

And click ok, now you get a scene like this…..

Duplicate the layer  and go to Filter>>Stylize>>Find edges, you get the result something like this..

In layers panel, set the blending mode of the layer to “Difference”. The result should be like this……

In the same process , create four more spheres and place them in the following order

Now create new layer and fill it with blue color to cover the spheres precisely …..

Now set the blending mode of the above layer to “soft light”

Select the last sphere and blur it a little

Applying bubbles

Now select  brush tool and select the our defined brush from the brush presets.

Set the brush behaviors as follows….

Now set brush color to white and draw bubbles as follows….

Similarly draw bubbles in the back ground and blur it

Ob above this blurred layer, create a new layer and draw bubbles as follows…..

Create one more layer in the top most and draw bubbles with large size and blur it.

That’s it, this is the final image.

Wait , one more abstract with a little difference.

I added multiple lens flares to a new layer.

Set the layer blending mode to “Exclusion”. Now you get a little different abstract.

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