In this quick tutorial, learn to create a t shirt mockup to add patterns or designs to clothing in photoshop to show off your designs.

Final Result:




Step 1

Open up the t-shirt image in photoshop

Step 2

Place your design or pattern on the t shirt the way you want it to appear

Step 3

Using pen tool make selection of the t-shirt and apply  mask to the design

Step 4

Select the design layer and set blending mode to “Multiply”

Finally, by selecting the design layer open up the” Liquify” panel  (Filter>>Liquify).

In the Liquify panel, check the “Show Backdrop” to see the t-shirt in the background. Using “Forwar Wrap Tool” make adjustments to the design to bend along the folds or wrinkles in the t-shirt to make it appear real.

I hope that you find this tutorial useful.


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