In this tutorial, you will learn to create robotic parts and fake them as inside parts of a human body. Burn Tool, Dodge Tool, Liquify Tool are the main tools in this project.


Image 1

Final Image

I’m going to use the following image for this tutorial. First of all, lets change the background of the women, which is bright and dominating the main character. So, lets change it into dark back ground.

Something like this …..


We are going work on the left leg of the women. Let’s remove the part of the leg in the following way.

In the above image, I simply cut the leg off and covered the leg spot with sofa using “clone stamp”.


Select the part of the leg in the following way. Copy and paste it in the same place.


Give the following layer style with the marked parameters.

You get the result something like this….


Repeat the same process to the other end of the leg.


Now, we are going to create robotic parts of the leg. Here we are not going to use any external resource as a reference.  Instead we create alternatives ; like rods for bones, wires for nerves, metallic plates for muscles.


We begin with metallic plates. Lets create a metallic plate in the following way using “Pen Tool” and rasterize (right click on the layer and select “Rasterize Layer”)  it.


Select the plate in the following way.


Select  “Burn Tool (O)” ,  set the parameters in the following way.


Burn the edges in the following way.


Similarly highlight the middle part using “Dodge Tool(O)” like this…..


Now, we are going to draw outline in the following way.

First of all we going to contract the selection, for that goto Select >> Modify >> Contract

Set the “Contract selection” to 3 pixels.

Goto  Edit>>Stroke and set the parameters to 1 or 2 with black color.

Note: This stroke must be in the new layer.

Now , we are going to erase stroke slightly to get the following result.

Darken the metallic plate using “Curves” or Burn Tool/Dodge Tool to get the following result. And also add drop shadow.

Copy the above metallic plate, resize it and place it like this…


Now, lets create metallic wires.

For this, draw radial gradient rectangle like this……

Duplicate it and attach it in the following way.


Goto  Filter >> Liquify and bend it like this…….

Position it in the following way….


Similarly I’m going to create normal wires.

Create gradient rectangle like this……

Goto Filter >> Liquify and bend it like this…..

Place it in the following way….

You can also create colored wires like this……


Similarly we can create rods, wires, metals.

Position them in the following way……


Similarly, let’s do the same thing to the right leg.


Lets create  eyeball.

For this, create a radial gradient circle

Copy the lens part of the eye from the women image.

Place it in the eyeball which we have just drawn.


Hang the eyeball with wires at the following place.


Now, let’s give some metallic touch to the face….

Take a new layer, select part of the face using selection tool and fill it with gray color.


Darken the edges using “Burn Tool”


Select the “Smudge Tool” with following parameters.


Drag and push the edges to achieve the following result.


Add noise with brush tool with following brush type.


Lets draw some circles on that metallic cheek to give more realistic look.

Draw circles like this,  using selection tool in the new layer.


Using brush tool, brush the edges using black color like this.


Finally lets add skin coating to the metal.

Let’s use the skin which cut off from the leg in the beginning.

Delete half of the skin

Draw a selection like this and fill it with gray color in the new layer

Darken the edges using “Burn Tool” and also give stroke (1 pixel).

Lets add some folds on the sofa.

For this, copy the folds from the following place and add it there.

The Final Result will be like this.



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