“Stranger things ” text effect

In this photoshop text effect tutorial, learn how to create most popular science fiction-horror web television series “stranger things” text effect in few simple steps.

Final Result:


Here I’m using “Times New Roman” font for this tutorial, you can hoose a font of your liking which is suitable for drawing stroke  of  9px size. Type the following text….


Press “Ctrl” and left click on the thumbnail of text layer to make selection of the entire text.


Hide the text layer and create a new layer(Ctrl+Shift+N) and rename it as “stroke layer”.

Go to Edit>>Stroke

Set the following properties in the stroke palette…


Set foreground and background colors to gray(#262626) and black respectively in tools.

Press Ctrl and left click on the thumnail of the “stroke layer” layer to make selection of the text.


Goto Filter>>Render>>Clouds.

Repeat this step 2 more times to get random black and gray effect like this…


Goto Filter>>Noise>> AddNoise

Add noise effect with following properties….


Now lets add some blur(0.3px) to the text; goto Filter>>Blur>>Gaussian blur


Desaturate(Ctrl+Shift+U) the text and deselect the selection(Ctrl+D).


Now, lets add colors to the text using color balance (Ctrl + B) with following properties…


Let’s increase overall brightness of the text using levels(Ctrl + L).

Duplicate the text layer twice(Ctrl+J -two times). Rename them as “outer glow” and “inner glow” respectively…


Now select the “outer glow” layer , go to Filter>>Blur>>Gaussian Blur and  apply the blur with following settings….

Decrease layer opacity to 50% to decrease the glow and now you must get the effect like this….


Select the “inner glow” layer  and double click on the layer to open up “layer style” palette, here you can add inner glow effect with following properties….


Now, lets randomize the inner glow to affect random places;

While the “inner glow ” layer selected, click on the layer mask to apply layer mask.

Click on the layer mask and go to Filter>>Render>> Clouds and apply clouds to layer mask to get random inner glow effect…

Finally, draw lines at the top and bottom of the text in  the same process.


I hope that you find this tutorial useful.

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