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Modeling Niagara Falls in 3ds Max for Beginners

Hello friends, this time you will learn to model Niagara Falls (which look realistic from a distance) in 3ds max in few easy steps. So, let’s get started!

Create realistic Grass in 3ds Max without using Modifier and Plug-ins

In this tutorial you will learn to create grass using a plane in few easy steps without using Modifiers and Plug-ins.

texture : london bridge in 3ds max

Texturing: Create “London bridge at a distance” in 3ds max – Part – 2

In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply textures to the London Bridge. The main purpose of this part-2 is to give you an idea, how to create textures in photoshop for any given 3d object to fit it precisely. So, lets get started!

Modeling: Create “London Bridge at a distance” in 3ds max – part -1

After a long time, we are going to learn this simple and realistic (only from a particular distance) looking London bridge modeling in 3d. This serves same as Eiffel tower modeling from previous tutorial.

3dsmax tutorial

Creating a cinematic scene in 3dsmax

Sometimes with simple images and simple techniques we can create an effective output. In this tutorial you will learn to create a cinematic scene with three simple images in 3ds max.

Creating Twinkling Stars Effect in 3dsmax

In this simple tutorial you are going to learn how to create twinkling stars effect in few steps.

Making of Bacteria in 3ds max

In this tutorial you will learn to create an exotic world of bacteria. The main focus will be on making of the material which makes all the difference.

Modeling Malaysian twin towers in 3ds max

Hello there, once again you are about to learn a twin towers modeling in 3ds max with “Standard primitives” and a single modifier . so, lets get started.

Creating “ Eiffel Tower at a distance “ in 3ds max

Creating anything in detail is not always necessary, sometimes in a scene you need to add few elements in the back ground which gives the impression that the events are …

Creating Snow Land in 3D

In this tutorial, you will learn to make snow land in 3ds max 9. For this tutorial we are going to use few primitive planes, a particle system and textures …