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Learn one of the best image composite techniques to match tones and saturation in photoshop

One of the difficulties in image composite is to match the color and tone of different images. In this tutorial you will learn a powerful way to do it with few adjustment layers.

How to do Frequency Separation Photo Retouching in Photoshop

Today we are going to learn the technique of frequency separation which is basically used to retouch portraits.

How to Create “Stranger Things” text effect in photoshop

Learn how to create stranger things text effect for this new year.

Instagram filters in photoshop

The most liked instagram filters in photoshop actions for free download!!

Download photoshop actions set for instant instagram filter effects for your photos.

white balance photoshop

How to fix white balance in photoshop

In this short tutorial, learn how to fix white balance in photoshop.

vintage retro images

Create Vintage Retro Images with free Photoshop Actions – Free download

Vintage retro actions is a set of 2 photoshop actions. These actions work on non-destructive layers. Create amazing vintage retro effects to your photos with just one click.

the paranormal - CRT Effect

Paranormal (with CRT effect) Photo Manipulation – Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create freaky paranormal movie scene with CRT photo effect using stock images.

Sepia photo effects

Create sepia photo effects with free photoshop action

Download the free photoshop action for creating sepia photo effects with just one click.

Into Heaven Surreal Photo Manipulation || Photoshop Tutorial

In this surreal photo manipulation tutorial, you will learn how to color correct images to blend in with the scene, fog effects, glow effects and lighting effects.