In this quick tutorial, learn how to create particle dispersion effect in photoshop

Final Result:



Particle Dispersion Effect Brush

Step 1

Open up the image, using pen tool(P)  extract man from the background, move the man to the left and replace the background with gradient like this….

Step 2

Duplicate  the man layer and using free transform tool (Ctrl + T) expand it in width like this….

After expanding, go to  Filter>>Distort>>Wave and set the following properties in the Wave panel

Step 3

Apply Gaussian Blur (Filter>>Blur>>Gaussian Blur) to smooth out the details…

Duplicate this blurred layer 5 times, using Curves (Ctrl + M)  apply darkness and brightness to each layer in the following way….. (Bottom to top layer)

These 5 layers of different brightness and darkness will give depth to dispersion effect when we reveal these layers randomly using particle dispersion brush…

Step 4

Apply layer mask to these 5 layers and fill layer mask with black color to hide  the layers….

Step 5

Select layer mask of the Layer 1 and using the Particle Dispersion brush (Download link is provided at the top)  with white color paint over the mask to reveal the image…….

Using the same brush, paint over the layer masks of the other 4 layers…

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

Layer 5

Finally, create a new layer at the top, using the same brush pick color from the subject and paint over  the effect to make final adjustments….

I hope that you find this tutorial useful.


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