The purpose of a flyer is to capture the attention of customers and be able to convey the message at first glance. To create such an effective design we need to follow few basic designing rules like layout design, alignment, complementary fonts, contrast and emphasis, etc., In this quick tutorial , you will learn to create an eye catching burger promotion flyer design using the same basic rules.

Final Result:




Soft Drink


Header Title Font

Delivery Service Font

Text Divider Design

Step 1

Create a new document of A4 size, change units to “Millimeter” , as we are designing  print ready flyer, change color mode to “CMYK”  and resolution to 300 pixels/inch.


Lets create bleed area for the document using Guides to keep things aligned and within bleed area.  Before we set the Guides, change Ruler units to Millimeter. We can change this in Edit >> Preferences >> Units & Rulers.

Now go to View >> New Guide and set Vertical Guides to 3mm and 294mm and Horizontal Guides to 3mm and 207mm.

Step 3

Create a Gradient fill layer with following properties.

Step 4

Place “Sun Rays” image at the top and resize it to fit the document.

Set blending mode to “Screen” and change opacity to 12%.

Mask off the below half of the image using layer mask.…

Step 5

Place the burger, fries and soft drink images like this; more to the bottom  to leave more space at the top to add the title.

To add a shadow to the objects, draw a circle using “Elliptical marquee tool” and fill it with radial gradient of black and white in a new layer  like this….

Deselect the selection (Ctrl + D) and using  the Free Transform (Ctrl + T) change it to elliptical shape

Move this layer  to the bottom  of the objects layers for which we want to add a shadow and position it at the bottom like this….

Set blending mode to “Multiply” ; this will remove the white color and retain only  the black color. Change opacity to 60%.

To make the shadow edges soft, add Gaussian blur to it..

(Go to Filter >> Blur >>Gaussian blur)

In the next few steps I’m going to add text and two labels. For the main title I’m using “&Championship regular” font, “Libel Suit Regular” for the DELIVER SERVICE text  and “Arial Regular” for the rest of the text. The important thing about font type is to choose a font which complements the overall design.  About the  font size and style, you need to decide which information is more important and  viewers to look at first like any special offer, services or title. Then adjust font style and size accordingly. It is a best practice to use not more than 2 to 3 colors in the text and last but not least align overall design.

To enhance the highlights and shadows of the objects(Burger, fries and soft drink) in the design lets add a new layer, set blending mode to “Overlay”  and fill it with gray(#808080) color. Using white and black color with soft brush paint over the objects to add highlights and shadows respectively.

I hope that you find this tutorial useful.

Free Download

You can download the psd file from here. The Psd file is well organized and can be modified everything easily.

Note: I do not own the rights to the elements in the design,  If you are planning to use it for commercial purpose, please check with the related website (The links to the images and fonts are provided in the download  )

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